StyleWe Wardrobe Makeover Wishlist

StyleWe Wardrobe Makeover Wishlist

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My graduation is in a few months so I decided to have some fun sharing my ‘Big Girl’ wardrobe wishlist.

For my wishlist, I want pieces that I can have as everyday staples. Pieces that can be versatile and timeless like this simple long sleeve white collar shirt from Roeyshouse. Call me old school, but you can never go wrong with that blouse on hand. That’s why it’s my number 1

It looks like all my picks are white. White is a great colour, and it never goes out of style. This simple shift cotton blouse would definitely get me to turn some heads. It’s on the edgy side and that’s what I love about it. I can pair this blouse with pretty much anything, but I would prefer a blue pair of jeans. Show some skin girl, just enough…:)


ROEYSHOUSE – Simple Long Sleeve Shirt Collar Plain Blouse

Cotton/Long sleeve/H-line/Plain-Simple/Shirt Collar/White


VC – 3/4 Sleeve Simple Shift Cotton Blouse

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For Dresses

The next piece just screams Chiara Ferragni to me. If you don’t know who this fashion goddess is, then check out the blonde salad or Here I love this dress detailed eye design which singly accessorises. You’ll look put together even if you paired this dress with a pair of boots and no jewellery. Classic pieces like this Sleeveless Appliqued Casual Polyester Shift Mini Dress from SHAN RAN WU are rare and must be grabbed on first glance.

Next look is this Cold shoulder floral crocheted lace pierced A-line mini dress from ELENYUN  would grabble at the feet of who every gets me this dress. Off-shoulder anything has been a real closet essential for me for a long time now. Particularly this cold shoulder dress would be a relief to have. It is perfect for weddings, outdoorings, date nights and even getting the girls jealous on girls night outs. The detailing and silhouette of this dress just has to be complemented.

The next piece I would love to have is this Multicolour Silk Printed Boho Midi Dress from ELENYUN. I am working on getting this one myself [Note to self…] It must get checked off this wish list. Can you imagine my life without this dress, I know I can’t

I could wear this dress as a uniform and never get tired of its beautiful, vibrant colours.

For my LBD [Little Black Dress] I have chosen the Floral Printed Polyested Ribbed Vintage Mini Dress from KANING. A little black dress must be the most functional piece in your wardrobe and I think a little pop of colour on your LBD works like a charm. Taking away the everyday all black LBD look and making it your own statement. Walk in Style, grand style …


SHAN RAN WU – Sleeveless Appliqued Casual Polyester Shift Mini Dress


ELENYUN – Cold Shoulder Floral Crocheted Lace Pierced A-line Mini Dress With Camis


Multicolor Silk Printed Boho Midi Dress




KANING – Floral Printed Polyester Ribbed Vintage Mini Dress

For Accessories

I have combed through the internet searching for the perfect drawstring crossbody bag, and I feel like my search has finally ended with this Black cowhide leather casual drawstring crossbody bag from Everything. I am a one bag kind of girl. So I believe in investing in getting that high-quality bag that would be well worth your money.


Everything – Black Cowhide Leather Casual Drawstring Crossbody Bag




For Jumpsuits and Bottoms

In this category, I’ve decided to kill two birds with one stone…Lamo

The fancy thing about this jumpsuit from Evercode is that it actually comes with the belt 🙂 Yes, I couldn’t believe it either. I love the silhouette of the jumpsuit as well as the lace detail in the front and at the back, which gives it that extra feminine slash boss lady type look. It comes in a bunch of different colours but, I would go for the black anytime.

Hand me these Blue Solid Cotton-blend Casual Denim Asymmetric Flare Jeans and watch me slay. Blue jeans tend to really complement my skin tone so I often venture out for simple pencil cut jeans or maybe a pair of wide-legged jeans when I’m feeling very stylish. But I have never owned a pair of asymmetrical flare cut pair of jeans, unfortunately. So I am looking forward to these especially. The Grey pair of jeans is just for extra measure, so make sure someone 🙂 Looks at both of them but I would much rather have the asymmetrical jeans, though, just throwing that out there….


Hope you enjoyed my extra long wish list and if you would like to see more of these, please leave a lengthy comment below…Like if you did, Subscribe if you can to my mailing list and before I forget, SHARE SHARE SHARE

Evercode – Black Pockets Slash Neck Elegant 3/4 Sleeve Jumpsuit with Belt


OUSHANG – Blue Solid Cotton-blend Casual Denim Asymmetric Flare Jeans



Toyouth – Gray H-line Cotton-blend Pockets Casual Jeans

Cotton-blend/Casual/Slightly stretchy/Gray








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